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Digital BASICS

KS2 is an ideal age to develop digital media skills. Research or completed project work can be presented in a number of different ways and workflow can be simplified, so long as the basics are in place first. The courses we focus on are designed as building blocks for future lessons. The skills taught to the pupils are fundamental in helping them work with technology better, before they transition into high school. 

One of the year 6 leaver videos we have made, the children storyboard the ideas, which we the film and use for the service. 


When Pupils produce a video, they can become really creative and express themselves in ways they may not face to face. As well as demonstrating and sharing their knowledge about a particular topic. Most schools have a suite of iPads, so we use iMovie for iPad.

This course is one of the most popular. From the basics in Week 1 looking at creating engaging video, adding clips and transitions to using appropriate music, titles, photo effects and more, the course means that the children make the most of the iMovie software on your iPads.


All of the children's work on chromebooks will be stored in Google drive. But do they understand how it works, know how to use it and organise it? Knowing how to manage files, create folders, move files around and upload and download things from their 'session based' device is fundamental in being able to locate and share particular pieces of work. These lessons give them the skills and some shortcuts.



I really love spreadsheets and they can save users many hours work. We start with basic jargon, then move onto simple multiplication cheat tables, playing with interactive restaurant menus and order sheets, shortcuts and the boolean =IF. We can also move onto simple databases, forms (that feed into sheets) and information look ups. 

Children will be able to use google sheets to demonstrate their knowledge of data intensive topics. 



The basics of Coding are the first step into a world that is growing faster than ever. With the internet of things and the mass adoption of smart technology with more and more adults. The need for great programmers has never been higher. This course can use scratch, (or a Tello Drone for 121 support) to program and control characters, detect objects and animate characters. Similar to Spreadsheets, some will get it better than others, but those who do will remember the lessons forever.

Safer Internet

Scams and scares are changing daily. For kids the internet can be overwhelming. Online bullying, malware, spyware and data loss through encryption are concerns, but there are many practical things we can do to protect ourselves. This session opens up debate about the pros and cons of the internet and lets children run through scenarios that might happen in the safety of the classroom. 


Many of the skills in the G Suite apps are transferable. Not only within the suite of programs, but across more advanced programs too. These sessions are focussed on getting the bascis right. Looking at text boxes, rotating and grouping objects, working with layers, collaborating, importing images and using shape masks, bullet lists, common keyboard shortcuts, character spacing, master layouts themes, the differences between transitions and animations and Undo! Every pupil needs to know undo!

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