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  • Educational

  • Fun

  • Interactive

  • More affordable for parents

  • Fundraising for the School

  • Better value for parents

  • Great memento

  • Yearbook alternative

  • Flexible pricing

Despite huge advances in technology, most of the time, school photo day is still the same experience as it was when I was a child.

We prefer to do things differently. After parents have given consent and paid a small one off fee, our studio is set up and we devote 45 minutes to an hour with each class. We have fun while learning and children even get given the opportunity to snap a few photographs themselves. On their own or with their friends, the class photos are then whittled down tweaked then digitally and securely shared with all of the consenting parents. 

All of the images, for one small fee. 

So children get photos of their classmates as well.

Cheaper, educational and much more enjoyable. 

Pupils actually look forward to Photo day!

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